White Mulberry

White Mulberry


Here we go round the mulberry bush……. 

If you are looking for a chocolate with a chewy caramel and a crunch, but would like to avoid the nuts, this is it. 

There is still a delectable date on the inside, but topped with an organic, sun dried, no sugar added white mulberry. 

What is a white mulberry? These berries come from the vast plains of Turkey, where they have been prized for thousands of years. 

They are selected at the peak of ripeness, then sun-dried to preserve their nutritional benefits. Beyond their sweet and delicate flavor, mulberries are an excellent source of nutrients including iron, calcium, vitamin C, protein, and fiber. They also contain resveratrol, the anti-aging nutrient found in red wine. 

Now that doesn’t meant you can’t pair these chocolates with a smooth glass of your favorite Merlot. In fact, I encourage it. Its basically constructed charcuterie. Probably even close enough to call it a salad. Its raw, organic, sugar free, and full of nutrients. Dont even feel bad. I dont. 

How do those nutrients benefit us? Well, from improving digestive health, circulation, overall metabolism, your skin, your energy levels all the way to the normal and healthy function of your red blood cells. These berries more than carry their weight! 

So go around that mulberry bush… and look younger doin it.  

Age backwards. 
Get in your nutrition. 
All by eating chocolate. 

The intentional chocolate. 


Organic cacao mass, organic cacao butter, organic date, organic white mulberries, Himalayan pink salt, love.

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