Power Butter

This blog post is no revolutionary recipe that will change the world and take it by storm. Today I am more interested in presenting you with an idea. Namely: upgrading. The practice of raising something to a higher standard. Thats the method I want to see implemented in your kitchen! Its such a useful tool….

Grain Free – Vegan Seed Bread

This vegan bread is super simple and quick! It was born one afternoon when I just had to bite into something chewy and lather it in oil. My egg lady has had a short – and I am wayyyy too farm girl to go to the store for eggs. Its amazing what you can accomplish…

Raw-AIP Strawberry Rhubarb Tart

My, my, my, it is a delight making pretty food. But lets be honest, it can look beautiful and taste awful – and that is absolutely the most cruel trickery of all. Thankfully – that is not the case here. I actually got the comment from my husband that “its beautiful, and tastes even better…

Black Bean Chocolate Cake

Nostalgia. There are those who enjoy chocolate – and there are those who are wrong. I always chose chocolate. Whenever it was my birthday and my sweet, sweet mother asked me, “steffanie, what kind of cake would you like?” I requested chocolate cake with chocolate frosting. I have apparently not grown up enough to grow…

Super-Berry Bars

These bars. Man – they saved me when I peaked into the fridge to see what dessert I could serve my boys one afternoon, and realized there wasn’t one! What I didn’t realize was the entire sheet of Raw, Vegan, Black bean brownies I had made two days before was gone…. One thing is for…

Blueberry Coconut Breakfast Cake

  Cake. Its whats for breakfast.     Once a week we have an event at our house called “baking day.” This is the day Mom, (me) gets over zealous and enthusiastically prepares and creates as many dishes possible -before my brains explode- and throw them all in the oven all at the same time….

AIP Coconut Butter

Coconut butter. Could I ever say enough about this stuff? Coconut is an incredible fiber source, packed full of essential minerals such as: calcium, magnesium and potassium. It offers amino acids and electrolytes, as well as plenty of the anti aging, saturated fats -the perfect brain food! It aids in digestion and absorption of nutrients….