Bone Broth – Beef Tongue

We live in a culture of hot & fried – fast food. I want to bring us back to low and slow – soul food. The meals where the love that went into the preparation can be tasted. To nurture the food we plan on serving others and take joy in the anticipation of that…

Power Butter

This blog post is no revolutionary recipe that will change the world and take it by storm. Today I am more interested in presenting you with an idea. Namely: upgrading. The practice of raising something to a higher standard. Thats the method I want to see implemented in your kitchen! Its such a useful tool….

Keto Coconut Bread

Please try me. I wont disappoint. Being Grain free, I can find myself reminiscing about the yeasty, glutenous, chewy bread you would traditionally dip into herbs and olive oil. Then I quickly remind myself of the back breaking, kneading – hoping and praying over your bread that it will rise – stress that comes with…

AIP Coconut Butter

Coconut butter. Could I ever say enough about this stuff? Coconut is an incredible fiber source, packed full of essential minerals such as: calcium, magnesium and potassium. It offers amino acids and electrolytes, as well as plenty of the anti aging, saturated fats -the perfect brain food! It aids in digestion and absorption of nutrients….