Perfectly Pecan

Perfectly Pecan

These chocolates are fun to eat. Its got crunch and charm – southern charm. 

Its like pecan pie and chocolate pie had a baby. Rich, dark chocolate, creamy-caramel date and a crunchy salted pean. 

The pecans used here are of course organic, and dry roasted. No nasty seed oils ever. I wouldn’t dare. I salt them myself so I can control the level of saltiness. 

I like these chocolates with a side of raw, local sheep’s cheese and some quality Merlo straight from Italy. 

Maybe that’s because that’s exactly what I’m eating right now? Somebody has to sacrifice and eat the chocolates that were needed for the picture. And its 5:00 somewhere…. 

If you’re looking for a wonderful chocolate to compliment your cheese charcuterie, this is definitely a front runner! 

Getcha some today.


Organic cacao mass, organic cacao butter, organic date, organic dry roasted pecans, himalayan pink salt, love.

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