La Pepita

La Pepita

The little seed of squash, as the Spanish say. And my goodness, does it make a big statement on these chocolates! 

For the enchanted, woodland child in you – this chocolate will whisk you off to the forrest greenery; the smells of wet pines and mossy oaks, damp leaves and chirping birds all dancing along the sound of the bubbling crick. 

So yes, its for the woodland hippy. I have no shame in admitting I could easily pack these on a spring picnic in the wood, adorned with my most cowgirl-hippy attire. A bamboo thermos to sip my coffee from while I indulge in the pages of a book in the crook of a tree branch. If you see that girl, you won’t need to wonder – its me. Question is, who will come along?


Organic raw cacao mass, organic raw cacao butter, organic date, organic sprouted pumpkin seeds, Himalayan pink salt, love.

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