Golden Berry

Golden Berry


No Sugar – No Stevia – No Bull. 

Let me tell you about Golden Berries. 

You may know them by one of their other names: Cape Gooseberrie, Poha berry, Husk cherry, Pichu Berry, Aguaymanto, Topotopo, Inca berry, or Peruvian Groundcherry. 

Golden Berries have been cultivated for thousands of years beginning in the Incan Empire. 

They are abundant in carotenoids, specifically lutein and beta-carotene – antioxidants that help to prevent or slow down damage to your cells. 

Golden berries are high in vitamin K, a fat-soluble vitamin involved in bone metabolism. This vitamin is a necessary component of bone and cartilage and is also involved in healthy bone turnover rates. 

Studies in human cells note that golden berries may help regulate your immune system. The fruit contains multiple polyphenols which block the the release of certain inflammatory immune markers. 

One serving of Golden Berries affords you 58% of your daily recommendation of Vitamin A. Also a fat soluble vitamin. 

So what happens when we eat this fruit with fat? Covered in Raw, Organic, Fermented, Chocolate? You get a punch of nutrition. Better yet, what happens when you indulge in these outside on a picnic with your sweetheart while soaking up some vitamin D? Only good things. Vitamins K,A and D? Tripple threat. You get to have your cake and eat it too. 

I follow a modestly low carb eating routine. These tart, Golden Berry Chocolates give me the indulgence I’m looking for without getting me off track. 

I purchase these Golden Berries from small family-owned organic farms high in the mountain ranges of the Andes. They are vine-ripened, then hand-picked and gently dried at low temperatures to preserve their nutrients and keep their vitamins and minerals intact. You’re getting the real deal here. 


Organic cacao mass, organic cacao butter, organic golden berries, Himalayan pink salt, love.

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