Power Butter

This blog post is no revolutionary recipe that will change the world and take it by storm. Today I am more interested in presenting you with an idea. Namely: upgrading. The practice of raising something to a higher standard. Thats the method I want to see implemented in your kitchen! Its such a useful tool. A tool that could change the world. Can we do that? I believe so.

I don’t think there is anyone in America that does not take delight in spreading something fatty and gooey over a slice of bread. In my household, we don’t even need a vessel, we simply enjoy it by the spoonful. We’ve also been known to mix a drippy nut or seed butter with some homemade jelly in a bowl and eat it just like that! But why not elevate it? Peanut butter – yeah thats yummy. Almond butter – now we’re bringing it up a notch.

We can do better.

I call this power butter, because the fuel your body will receive when spooning in some of this deliciousness will keep you running all day long like the energizer bunny. I found the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

The best part about it is, you can mix it up exactly to your liking. I’ve made this several times with different combinations to switch things up a bit and give our bodies variety.

Its also very versitile. To keep these power packing nutrients consistent in my children’s diets, I’ve drizzled it over pancakes, brownies, oatmeal, ice cream and more! And they beg for it.

Although variety and creativity here can be beneficial, one particular ingredient remains consistent.

Coconut oil.

I habitually choose to use coconut oil in this recipe because – well, did you even cook if you didn’t use coconut oil? I go through about 1/2 a gallon every month. I know, I have a problem. There are dozens of health benefits to consuming coconut oil, but aside from that, its just down right delicious! And I only purchase mine (it comes in 5 gallon pails!) from this company. I’ve sampled many different brands – the initial product, extraction and processing make all the difference in the world in the overall quality and end result. Don’t bash coconut oil until you’ve tried this one!

Just a few of the reasons you need to add coconut oil to your daily regimen.

  • Fights inflammation. And we are all inflamed so I’ve already got you here.
  • Improves brain health and function. Again, you’ve presumably got one of those so no excuses…
  • Improves digestion, prevents osteoporosis, kills parasites and resolves yeast imbalances, is excellent for oral health, your skin and every single other organ in your body. Applicable to you? Absolutely.

This is just touching the tip of the iceberg and I’ve saved the best for last. Do you know my most favorite fact about coconut oil? Its made up of 60% MCT’s. Medium -Chain Triglycerides. Without geeking out on you too much, this particular fat does not need to be converted to fuel before being used as a resource for your body. It bypasses the bodies complicated and time consuming conversion process and can get straight into your cells, providing those cells (you) with instant energy. Are you an athlete? Do you have a physically demanding job? ARE YOU A PARENT and find yourself having to met the needs of little humans 24/7? This superfood is the answer! The no wait – slap in the face, wake up call to your cells. They will salute to you and the day ahead. Who even needs coffee when you’ve got MCTs? Okay, I do. I need coffee.

Now that I’ve written an essay on coconut oil (and with much restraint!) I’ll give you the low down. As mentioned before, I have made this with several varieties of seeds and nuts. This is simply the one I use most often, and most enjoy because of the additional nutrition provided by Brazil-nuts and Walnuts. Get creative and don’t be afraid to try something new!

  • 1 1/2 cup Walnuts
  • 1 cup Brazil nuts
  • 1/2 cup Coconut oil
  • 1/2 tsp Himalayan sea salt
  • 1 tbsp Maca (a recommended adaptogen to keep you even keeled my friend.)
  1. In a blender or food processor place all of your ingredients.
  2. Blend.

Complicated? Nope. Easy? Yes. Easy peasy lemon squeezey. Go enjoy a few spoonfuls of Power Butter (with your coffee!!!), smile cause life is just right and tackle what you gotta do today with gusto!

Cape not required, but will validate the emotional surge of determination, capability, spunk and boldness you will receive.

3 responses to “Power Butter”

  1. Love coconut oil! This recipe looks amazing. Looking forward to giving it a try! Thanks for sharing!! #weccandobetter


    1. Thank you, Kyle! Please do – and let me know if you come up with a yummy combination.
      Your hashtag is on point!


  2. Love coconut oil! This recipe looks amazing. Looking forward to giving it a try! Thanks for sharing!!


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