AIP Coconut Butter

Coconut butter. Could I ever say enough about this stuff? Coconut is an incredible fiber source, packed full of essential minerals such as: calcium, magnesium and potassium. It offers amino acids and electrolytes, as well as plenty of the anti aging, saturated fats -the perfect brain food! It aids in digestion and absorption of nutrients. It’s all the ‘anti’s’ as well: Anti-fugal, viral, bacterial and parasitical! I could go on and on.

You can buy coconut butter at the store, but its expensive (especially when you eat it by the tablespoon.) and so incredibly easy to make! All you need are coconut shreds and a blender/food processor.

  • 6 cups coconut shreds
  • Blender
  • Sea salt, essential oils, raw cacao etc are all options to add for flavor. I enjoy mine just as it is.

Add your coconut to your blender and turn up to the highest setting. It only took a minute in my Vitamix to achieve a thick and creamy butter! 

Store at room temperature in a glass jar. Keep in mind that the cooler your home is, the harder the coconut butter will be. The opposite is also true. When your home is warmer, you’ll get to enjoy a more spreadable and frosting like texture. In either state, its absolutely delicious!

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