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Here at Two Gnomes Table, we believe in real food. Whole, genuine and deliciously prepared – inspired by what nature has given us, what God has so creatively cultivated. Eat the rainbow, let food be they medicine and thrive through the challenges your health requires!

My name is Steffanie. I am a straight shooter, level headed, horse rider, church goer and food loving farm girl. I enjoy a quick scoot on my motorcycle and if I didn’t have any responsibilities I’d spend my days walking. I easily out eat most of the men in my life and dont apologize for being a tall, strong woman. I am a wife to the most exceptional man and a mom to two charming little boys, who are blessings I dont deserve.

On this blog you will find recipes adhering to many specific dietary requirements. AIP-The Autoimmune Protocol, KETO, Gluten Free, Grain Free, Dairy Free, Coconut Free, Vegan etc. All my recipes have to pass the test of one grown man, and two little men. 🙂 I may also throw in some nutritional context in the post -my favorite aspect of food.

I have spent most of my life working through pain with very little insight into what was really going on in my body. Specifically within the last decade of my life, I have diligently sought understanding through hours and hours of study, tried every diet/restriction in the book, sought medical help down every avenue, yet continued to be frustrated by the inability to receive any answers. After discovering a functional medicine practitioner, I was finally, properly diagnosed with a few Auto Immune diseases. This has out of necessity retired my old ways of eating and drastically changed how I prepare food. The adjustment has been a journey,  and is ever changing and adapting as my body does the same, but it has in turn stoked my passion in the kitchen for new experiences and delightful surprises in what this earth has to offer – and a desire to share with others what I have learned. The purpose of this blog is to bring hope, inspiration, enjoyment and support to others out there finding themselves overwhelmed and discouraged in the kitchen. So come, lets gather.


Disclaimer: I am not a certified physician, or nutritionist. The Advice given on this blog should not be used as a form of treatment. Seek professional medical advice from your personal doctor.

2 responses to “Two Gnomes – Lets Mingle”

  1. Hi Steffanie, Joyce Apsey here. Do you have a good recipe for home made noodles? I have tried many and they just do not turn out to good. I would like to keep trying but , I waste a lot of eggs and flour. Thank you in advance for helping me and thank you for joining our lives and our family.


  2. Hello Joyce! Thanks for reaching out!

    Absolutely! Homemade pasta used to be a favorite in our home. I used Einkorn flour because its easier on the gut and in my opinion, makes the most incredibly silky, decedent pasta. We have since moved on (3 of us being diagnosed with Celiac disease) but this was my simple method:

    3 cups Einkorn flour
    4 large Eggs

    On the counter, make a pile of flour. With a fork, make a well in the middle of the flour. Crack your eggs into it one at a time, slowly working in each egg. Once your eggs are mixed in, continue to blend it all together. Once its combined, wrap in plastic wrap and allow it to rest for at least 20 minutes. Once its rested you can roll it out through a pasta maker, or with your rolling pin, and add it to boiling, salted water. I hope this helps! Let me know if you have any questions. 🙂


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